Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club(LARC) was started by a Group of Hams as a non-profit organisation based at Hyderabad, India. LARC consists of radio amateurs and Short Wave Listeners whose vision is to create an interest in Amateur Radio communication and experimentation and to promote the advancement of radio art. 

Pl Note: Being a LARC member entitles you to avail discount at LARC-3 registration and any other discounts that may be offered and which will not be available to others. So go ahead and become a member first and get you LARC Membership ID number before proceeding.

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Where Hams meet

Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention was born out of an intense desire by a handful of fun loving yet serious home brewers to come together and showcase their latest experiments with newer radio techniques, exchange information and keep abreast with developing wireless technological breakthroughs taking place around the globe and in general learn more about their trade from other fellow hams.

Set in the erstwhile land of the Nizams, the Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention organised by Hyderabad’s Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club(LARC) in association with the Prestigious Muffakam Jah College of Engineering and Technology(MJCET), is hosted on MJCET’s sprawling campus every year.

LARC’s association with MJCET started with LARC hosting Hamfest India in 2014(HFI-14) along with MJCET, which saw a record number of delegate turnout.

From 2015 till 2017, LARC held its yearly eyeball meet at ‘Lamakaan’-the cultural hub of Hyderabad. It was during the end of 2017 that LARC decided to launch out and throw open its door to all like minded and serious homebrewers in the ham community both pan India and abroad. And for that LARC once again teamed up with MJCET and launched the Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention in 2018.

Now into its 3rd edition, Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention is literally turning out to be the Mecca for amateur radio enthusiasts.

Who's Speaking?



OM Ashok - Pune



OM Hari - Chennai



OM Sandeep - New Delhi



OM Rahul - Lucknow



OM Kavi - Chennai



OM Sinosh - Kolkatta



OM Sanjeev - Visakhapatnam



OM Naidu - Vikarabad



OM Bhatnagar- Bhavnagar



OM Amar - Hyderabad



OM Ragav - Chennai



OM Paddy - Hyderabad



OM Farhan - Hyderabad

Event Schedule

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Rs 4050/-

This time around LARC is having an Ubitx mela for its members wherein we are offering a big discount off the online listed price. Fully assembled, tested and ready to use UBitx-V3 is now available at 4K that also includes cabinet, speaker and mike. This offer is only valid to LARC members whose membership is active and who register and attend the workshop. This will not be given for absentees. So, hurry up and book your kit by paying a non-refundable token advance and pay the balance in cash at the venue.


spider beam500

Rs 5050/-

LARC is also working to prototype a 3-band spider beam that is affordable for every radio amateur. This spider beam works for 20/15/10 and includes all necessary wires, poles, guy wires, fasteners and connector. This easy to carry kit when folded and packed is just 1-1.5mtr but when fully deployed extends to more than 6mtrs across and can be erected in less than 30mins. This kit will be made available for all radio amateurs and needs to be booked in advance.


Antuino close

Rs 7050/-

Antuino is yet another collector’s item coming from the LARC stable. After receiving many requests from Hams across the world, it was decided to make this available with its many updated features. This kit is much more advanced than what was offered during LARC-2 and also includes a graphic display and its own case and can work the HF to UHF range and is reasonably priced. You need to pre-book this as well.





QSP is the journal of Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club. The QSP being a technical journal is full of construction articles, amateur radio projects and other articles. It publishes only original articles, interviews, news and reviews.

Would you like to write for the QSPRead our submission guidelines.

The journal is distributed among the members of the club. The membership fee of the club includes free copies of the magazine.

Here are some sample articles from the first issue of the magazine:

Editorial – Thomas George, VU3UGT
President’s Message – Rajan, VU2KNN
Build the Norcal40 CW Transceiver – Rahul, VU3WJM
Interview: VU2AU Sudhakar Paranjpe – by VU2PSQ, Prashant
Restoring the Drake TR-4C – Rajan, VU2KNN


We have checked out to the best of our ability and found some reasonable and clean places to stay.

You can book the bed as per your budget. 100% Payment should be made in advance during reservation and no cancellation is allowed.

Here are some of the options that we recommend:

AC Luxury Hotel Double room with triple sharing

Twin double Bed

Rs 2200 per head for 2 days

Economy Single Addon-Bed

Rs 1600 per head for 2 days

AC Deluxe Hotel Double room with triple sharing

Twin double bed

Rs 1500 per head for 2 days

Economy Single Addon-Bed

Rs 1000 per head for 2 days

Economy Dormitory

Economy Dormitory Single Bed

Rs 400* per head for 2 days

* Subject to availability and on a first come first served basis

Special Instructions:

  • Room :       Check-in on 20th Dec 7PM        Check-out on 22nd Dec 7PM
  • Since all the rooms mentioned are blocked under LARC name, they cannot be booked separately at the same hotel.
  • Room allocation will be filled sequentially for the rooms blocked by LARC.
  • Accommodation: Triple sharing includes twin sharing on double bed and single occupancy on extra bed.
  • Pick & drop facility available subject to number of bookings and availability and will be updated in due course.
  • Neither the Club members of LARC nor the organizers of the convention will encourage or promote liquor consumption at the venue and place of accommodation. If anyone indulges in it will be doing so at his/her own risk and LARC will in no way accept any responsibility nor accept any claims/damages arising out of it.

Registered Delegates

Below are the registered delegates. Updates after every 24hrs

Reach Us

Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology is located at Rd Number 3, Venkateshwara Hills, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 is the heart of Hyderabad.

VU2LHR Repeater works on 145.600Mhz (Std -Ve Shift) and is accessible from most part of the city.

Reach out to our volunteers for any guidance

Team Coordinator Mobile
Event Sasi – VU3ELR 8106416614
Travel & Accommodation Charan – VU3JCR 9000565511
QSP Thomas – VU3UGT 8885563868