Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club (LARC) is a non-profit society run entirely by volunteers to promote amateur radio. Whether you have a license or not, everyone is welcome to the club. LARC also publishes a journal called ‘QSP’ wherein we publish only original articles of varying complexity, from simple test equipment, to fully functioning radios. Our annual membership fee is Rs.500. Apply online to become a member of LARC.

Our membership is open to all people who are interested in radio and electronics.

The terms and conditions for the membership are as follows:

  1. LARC, that is, the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club is a registered society. Its aim is to encourage and promote amateur radio hobby and particularly the science of radio communications.
  2. The membership fee of Rs.500 is chargable for a period of one year starting from the time of receipt of the fee payment. The fee is non-refundable.
  3. The meetings, activities of the LARC are restricted to only the members of the club.
  4. Specific activities such as field trips, events, workshops may be charged for separately to cover the costs of such events.
  5. The members are eligible to receive all the copies of the journal of LARC – the QSP during one year’s membership. The issues will be sent by ordinary post. Extra charges may apply for sending it through any other means.
  6. The LARC being a purely volunteer driven organization cannot guarantee regular publication of the QSP. However, our aim is to publish the QSP as a quarterly.
  7. Only the Members will be entitled to avail any discounts that are on offer.