We are looking for articles to be published in the QSP journal. If you have done something interesting, homebrewed a project or learnt something new, we would be interested. As the journal is brought out by us in our spare time, we have formulated a set of guidelines for you to help us save time and effort.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

  • Original: The articles should be entirely your own work, personally written by you. You may not copy from any other source. If you are quoting from any other source, those paragraphs must be marked with a reference and the reference must be given at the end of the article. We will reject any article that has text or pictures copied from another source without acknowledgement and permission.
  • Based on personal experience: If the article is, let’s say about a new digital mode. You should have tried it yourself, documented each step in the process with pictures, screenshots, etc. As another example, if you are writing an article on building a new rig, you must include pictures of the build process as well.
  • HOW-TO: The articles must include details of how the project is built or how someone else can replicate the same experience. For instance, if you are writing an article about operating your radio from a beach, mention how the
    antenna was put up, what kind of challenges had to be overcome, etc.
  • Pictures: The accompanying pictures must be the ones that you have taken. Images from the Internet are often copyright and we don’t encourage them in the journal. Every picture must be clearly captioned and refered to in the image by the caption only. (Instead of ‘in the picture above’, you should say ‘in the picture 2’ )
  • Circuit Diagrams: All technical articles dealing with homebrewing or antenna construction must be accompanied by clearly drawn circuit diagrams. All values must be marked. All components should also have a unique name.  For instance, there maybe three resistors of 10 ohms in your project. If you refer to it as ‘the 10 ohm resistor’ the reader will be confused as to which 10 ohms resistor you are refering to. Instead, if each resistor is marked R1, R2, etc, then it is easier to identify it as ‘R3’.
    Refer to each circuit diagram as ‘Figure 1, Figure 2’, etc.
  • Inductors: The value of all the inductors must be clearly mentioned along with the details of the core, number of turns, wire type, etc. If the circuits use special components, the address or website details of their sources must be mentioned.

Formatting of the articles
All articles must be formatted in a single column and submitted as a word document. The pictures and circuit diagrams must be numbered as Figure 1, Figure 2, etc and not as ‘in the picture above’ or ‘the circuit diagram below’. Have a friend review your article for grammatical and technical errors before sending it to us.

  • DO NOT attempt to format the document to look like a magazine page. Type your article as you would type a report.
  • DO NOT embed images or illustrations within the manuscript. Send them as separate image files.
  • DO include captions for all images and illustrations. Put the captions and figures together at the end of your article, rather than embedded within the main text of your article. This will avoid the confusion of mixing up the images, their captions with the running text to
  • Please include the full names and call signs of people included in photos.
  • DO make sure your name, call sign, postal address, and e-mail address are included within the manuscript file.

You may send your articles to submissions@lamakaanradio.com. We will inform you about the acceptance as soon as we can get them reviewed by our team. You may be asked to revise the article.